Academic Resource Management

Maximizing your education return on investment (eROI) requires monitoring efficacy and fidelity.

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Glimpse Answers


What all did we do?

For the first time in one single location, you'll see everything that's impacting student achievement. All strategies, resources, products, programs, and staff are correlated with the students they serve.


What do we expect to gain?

Academic strategy is organized into impact areas, outlining exactly which students should benefit. Each is evaluated in the context of your goals providing year round eROI metrics.


How well did we implement?

Fidelity is key to the success of any educational initiative. Glimpse captures goals and usage expectations to properly analyze each resource in the proper context.


Who did it work for?

Glimpse identifies exactly which students benefited and which students were underserved. eROI analysis breaks down by   subgroup populations to ensure equity and proper curriculum alignment.

Automated insights delivered to administrators

We believe you should spend your time taking action instead of analyzing data. Glimpse automatically interprets and delivers your data, serving up insights written in real words, allowing you to spend your time taking actions instead of reading charts and numbers.

Insights equal Action

Insight driven analysis guide improvement

Better or Worse?

Automatically track corrective actions longitudinally


Actionable insights grow student outcomes


Automated Interpretation

Let's face it, we're not all data analysts. Glimpse's creates written interpretations that are insight (not data) driven so you can make decisions quickly.


eROI Analysis

Glimpse's academic resource management tracks and manages the eROI of all products, programs, and services.


Increase Outcomes

Tracking efficacy and education ROI is time consuming and difficult. Glimpse identifies what's working and what's not, ensuring only the highest performing resources are utilized by students.


Accountability is Key

Glimpse's employee accountability and fidelity tracker communicates strategy & expectations to employees. Most importantly it captures digital signature confirmation from each employee.

Measure the Measurement

Grade inflation and deflation hinder even the best classrooms. Glimpse identifies the breadth and depth of both, highlighting the impact each have on student performance.

Seamless Setup

You have your own job. Leave the setup to us. Glimpse's onboarding team handles all setup and data capture letting you focus on the important things.


Monitoring eROI maximizes student outcomes

We've never seen a more diverse instructional landscape given the number of tools and environments (traditional, hybrid, virtual). Given the sheer number of variables, it's imperative we maintain a system to monitor and evaluate the eROI of instructional strategy.

The AIM platform captures instructional strategies and evaluates them throughout the year to ensure you can course correct and maximize student gains throughout the year.

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Our customers say

Corby King
Putnam County Schools

"Before Glimpse, we had no reliable way to connect the dots between resource allocation and student outcomes. Glimpse captures what we use in our district to impact students and evaluates their impact. eROI allows us to efficiently manage our budgets and ensure the components of our instructional plan meet the needs of our students"

Dawn Woodard
Meriwhether County Schools

"Glimpse builds capacity in our teachers and leaders as well as provide the means to monitor the effectiveness of our programs to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) both instructional and financially."

Corey Uselton
Desoto County Schools

"Glimpse K12 helps us see at a macro and micro level which academic investments are having the biggest impact on learning, so we can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t."

Susan Patterson
Cullman City Schools

"Until Glimpse, our district had no idea the amount of ineffective spending and the detrimental impact it was having on student achievement.The  education return on investment process is ongoing and we feel it will streamline our products and consequently our focus, to support our classrooms more efficiently and effectively. 

Districts that trust Glimpse