• Invest in What Works.

    Student outcomes are your primary goal. Maximizing your Education Return on Investment is ours.

  • Education Return on Investment (eROI)

    All district administrators face the same challenge. How can we maximize student achievement with a limited budget?


    Glimpse's Education Return on Investment (eROI) platform evaluates everything you do to impact student achievement, optimizing your time and financial resource allocations around products, programs, and services proven to drive student outcomes for your students.

  • What We Do

    Glimpse captures everything you're doing to impact student outcomes and evaluates these activities in the context of student achievement. Glimpse's approach maximizes your district's education return on investment (eROI) by providing answers to critical questions essential to ensure your time and money are aligned with the unique needs of your students.

  • Our approach to eROI


      Immediate eROI

      What's working today?

      What's not?

      Glimpse identifies and evaluates the eROI of every product, program, service, or strategy implemented in your classrooms to help administrators evaluate what's working.

      Retrospective eROI

      What did we do?

      Should we continue?

      Glimpse's retrospective analysis provides invaluable historical context highlighting ineffective and duplicate spending to optimize future financial resource allocations. 

      Longitudinal eROI

      Are our long term investments

      paying off?

      Some educational investments are made with long term impact in mind. Examples include: Pre-K, graduation rate, cohort analysis, PD, SEL, technology, and personalized learning.

    • Scalability & Financial Transparency

      Traditionally, eROI is virtually impossible to track and manage. Limitations of financial, student information, and student achievement dashboard systems create data silos that make it difficult to track the right information, in the right way, to provide meaning and value to educational stakeholders. Glimpse overcomes all of these issues, providing a scalable way to maintain a year round eROI process across any school or district. Glimpse's interactive transparency module makes educating your constituents quick and easy.

    • See how your peers are optimizing outcomes via intelligent spending:

    • Cullman City Schools

      "To accomplish our goals as a district, I selected Glimpse K12’s achievement based budgeting solution. With Glimpse, we have an achievement based budgeting tool that provides an educational ROI analysis to optimize and align our spending around student achievement goals. Now we are able to effectively track all expenditures by initiative and goal, not forgetting to incorporate direct and indirect costs."

      Elmore County

      Lauderdale County

      Alabaster City Schools

      Boaz City Schools

      Morgan County Schools

      Talladega City Schools

    • Can you afford to wait?

      Budget Optimization

      Invest time and money in only things proven to work in your schools.

      Evaluate Curriculum Effectiveness

      Identify which content, resources, and tools work best for your students.

      Increase Vendor Accountability

      Proof is in the pudding...no more empty promises.

      Eliminate Ineffective Spending

      eROI provides a vehicle to eliminate ineffective and duplicate spending patterns.

      Multi-Variate Analysis

      All programs, resources, strategies, and tools are evaluated with multiple sources of measure.

      Increase Transparency

      Provide increased transparency and accountability for everything you do.  

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