Academic Resource Management

Resource fidelity and resource efficacy are the two most important drivers of maximizing Education Return on Investment (eROI). Tracking both has never been easier.

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Are our instructional investments driving student outcomes?

This question is hard to answer without spending hundreds of hours analyzing data. Not anymore. AIM answers this question automatically by correlating investments with goals and expected outcomes to generate eROI analysis reports highlighting what's working and what is not.

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Advanced analysis in an educator's vernacular

The problem with data platforms is that we are not all data analysts. This simple fact is the reason 85% of educators say they don't get value out of all the data they receive. We've solved this problem for educators by automatically interpreting the data highlighting 'what it means' vs. simply 'displaying the data.'


Advanced analysis presented in common language


Insights (what it means) driven vs. data driven reports


Annotations to guide administrative actions



Strategic Alignment

Capture academic strategy across from the district to the classroom level.


Fidelity Tracking

Evaluate instructional resources against usage expectations to identify if utilization drives outcomes.


eROI Analysis

Evaluate instructional resources in the context of goals to identify what's actually driving student outcomes.


Ineffective Spending

Elimination of ineffective spending drives student outcomes as these funds are recycled back into higher yielding resources.