White County, TN implements solution to ensure all education resources yield maximum benefits for students

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June 21, 2021

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., June 1, 2021 -- Glimpse K12, the only education technology company that analyzes school spending in the context of student outcomes, announced today that White County School System has implemented the Glimpse K12 platform to help monitor the effectiveness of resources and identify those that are providing the highest educational return.

“Monitoring the impact of our resources has always been a top priority for our district. We strive to ensure that we allocate resources in ways that have the greatest impact on our students’ educational lives” said Kurt Dronebarger, Director of Schools.

Already in use in hundreds of school districts, Glimpse K12’s Education Return on Investment (eROI) platform provides school districts with insights into how well they are aligning resources with students’ needs and how investments made in the classroom are yielding actual student results. For instance, Glimpse K12's platform measures the impact that a certain curriculum resource had on student growth and its effectiveness on learning loss. This is especially important given the focus new federal funding has on eliminating learning loss.

“We love partnering with districts like White County that are so committed to making sure students succeed,” said Nicole Pezent. “Measuring the impact of resources on student growth ensures that White County students eliminate any negative consequences COVID may have caused for their students.”