Smith County, TN implements new tool to monitor impact of ESSER funding to ensure maximum outcomes for students

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June 28, 2021

HUNTSVILLE, AL, June 28, 2021

-- Glimpse K12, the only education technology company that analyzes school spending in the context of student outcomes, announced today that Smith County School System has implemented the Glimpse K12 platform to help monitor the effectiveness of resources and identify those that are providing the highest educational return.

All school districts are currently receiving a series of federal funding allocations to alleviate COVID learning loss and accelerate student achievement. As with most things, these funds come with strings attached to them. ESSER requires the tracking of learning loss and education impact measurement of federal tools and resources. This type of analysis requires compiling data sets from multiple sources and is time-consuming and extremely difficult.

“Once the ESSER information came out, I knew we could not wait any longer to implement Glimpse to help us with measuring the impact of our spending and to help with the workload of the reporting requirements,” said Angel Williams, Director of Federal Programs.

“We developed our Achievement Impact Monitoring platform to take the heavy lifting off of school administrators. Our goal is to help administrators spend more time making strategic decisions for students and less time compiling and analyzing data” said Nicole Pezent of Glimpse K12.

Glimpse’s tool helps administrators effectively monitor ESSER funding and ensure students receive the maximum education impact. Easy to understand reports ensure administrators not only track learning loss but understand what works best for students at eliminating it.