Senatobia Municipal School District, MS launches platform to ensure that all students have access to resources that have greatest impact on student achievement

Posted by:
Adam Pearson
November 14, 2021

HUNTSVILLE, AL Nov. 15th, 2021 -- Glimpse K12, a leading provider of Education Return on Investment tools, partners with Senatobia Municipal School District to ensure every resource maximizes student learning. 

“Our goal is to ensure we are servicing every student to the best of our ability. That is why Senatobia Municipal School District measures the effectiveness of our resources,” said Chris Fleming, Superintendent of the Senatobia Municipal School System. 

Glimpse’s suite of applications captures, tracks, and manages instructional resources for administrators and teachers. The platform analyzes the impact of these resources and creates reports to guide administrators in maximizing student outcomes around what works best for students. 

“It’s important for us to make sure every purchase we make has the greatest impact on student achievement. We are partnering with Glimpse to track our implementation fidelity and impact of resources. This analysis will help guide us in making data-driven purchasing decisions to ensure we are supporting our students in the best way possible,” continued Fleming. 

“Our mission is to give administrators and teachers insight into which resources provide the best outcomes for students. We are really excited to partner with Senatobia Municipal School District and help them achieve their mission” said Nicole Pezent of Glimpse K12. 

With the increased focus on tracking and managing educational funding across the state and nation, school districts are looking to Glimpse to help manage the return on investment process. For more information, visit