Oxford City Schools, AL launches platform to optimize resources to improve student achievement

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June 18, 2023

HUNTSVILLE, AL (July 11, 2023) -- Glimpse K12, a leading provider of Education Return on Investment tools, partners with Oxford City Schools to ensure every resource maximizes student learning. 

“In Oxford City Schools, we strive to be good stewards of our funds and aim to be intentional in our decisions for students. In partnership with Glimpse K12, we are able to determine the effectiveness of our resources to ensure we are making the greatest impact on student outcomes. It is important to me that we use data to drive these transformational conversations and decisions with our team,” said Dr. Shannon Stanley, Superintendent of Oxford City Schools.

Glimpse’s suite of applications captures, tracks, and manages instructional resources for administrators and teachers. The platform analyzes the impact of these resources and creates reports to guide stakeholders in maximizing student outcomes around what works best for students. 

“While districts nationwide have had the opportunity to provide additional resources over the past several years through the federal relief funds, we know this cycle will eventually end, leaving district administrators with difficult decisions to make,” said Nicole Pezent of Glimpse K12.  

“As budgets change, we will need to know where to allocate our funds and where to streamline without sacrificing student achievement,” said Dr. Stanley. “We chose this partnership because the Glimpse platform provides us with return on investment & instruction data to drive the continuous improvement process from both a budgetary standpoint and an instructional lens.  We can be sure that we have students in the right intervention and enrichment activities to ensure we are raising student outcomes.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Oxford City Schools to help them accomplish their mission to ensure the academic success of all students through a student-centered system of individualized instruction, highly qualified staff, exemplary facilities, and effective use of all resources,” said Nicole Pezent of Glimpse K12. 

For more information on how school districts across the country are maximizing the educational return on their investments, please visit glimpsek12.com.