Overcoming Budgeting Bias with ABB

Posted by:
Adam Pearson
March 19, 2019

Identifying and eliminating ineffective spending is quite possibly one of the most important processes for every school district to drive continuous improvement. Failure to identify and eliminate ineffective spending results in rising budgets and declining student achievement. The time to fix this problem is now...every year during your budgeting process.

ABB helps school districts optimize budgets around what’s working, identify what’s not working, and eliminate duplicate and (most importantly) ineffective spending. Following an annual ABB process optimizes our budgets around tools, resources, and strategies proven to generate the highest student outcomes for our students.

By definition, if you can eliminate ineffective spending each year and reallocate those resources on higher yielding activities, student achievement will go up.

To learn more about how ABB can help read our featured story on ESchool Media:

Before you spend another dollar, your next budget should be performance based.