Lauderdale County School District leaders seek to be good stewards of taxpayer money and boost educational outcomes

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March 21, 2022

HUNTSVILLE, AL (March 21, 2022) -- Glimpse K12, a leading provider ofEducation Return on Investment tools, partners with Lauderdale County School District in Meridian, Mississippi, to monitor taxpayer money and ensure every resource maximizes student learning. 

 Board and district leaders of the Lauderdale County School District believe being a good steward of taxpayers' dollars and maximizing student achievement are two sides of the same coin. 

 “In our district, helping students achieve their fullest potential is the top priority,” said Dr.John Mark Cain. “Having said that, we want to do so in a way that ensures we are not wasting funds and investing in resources that are underutilized or ineffective,” continued Dr. Cain. 

 Glimpse’s suite of applications captures, tracks, and manages instructional resources for administrators and teachers. The platform analyzes the impact of these resources and creates reports to guide stakeholders in maximizing student outcomes around what works best for students. These insights help administrators eliminate ineffective spending and double down on things that matter most for student success. 

 “As a leading school system in the state, we feel it is imperative that we leverage data to inform our decision-making process. We are extremely excited to implement Glimpse’s tool to help us measure the effectiveness of resources for students to ensure they have the best quality education” said Dr. Cain. 

 “On behalf of theLauderdale County Board of Education, we stand behind Dr. Cain’s leadership on this initiative to ensure we are maximizing the dollars spent for our students,” said Kelvin Jackson, Board President of Lauderdale County SchoolDistrict.

 Glimpse helps educators understand the relationship between resources and outcomes, allowing district administrators to optimize the budget around what works best for students. As budgets are optimized around what’s driving student gains, districts are able to identify ineffective spending and reallocate those funds back into activities that yield better outcomes for students. “By following this process each year, Lauderdale County will drive continued positive outcomes for students,” said Nicole Pezent of Glimpse K12, Inc. 

 The Lauderdale CountySchool District services over 5,600 students across 12 schools.  With the increased focus on tracking and managing educational funding across the state and nation, school districts are looking to Glimpse to help manage the return on investment process. For more information, visit