Jackson County, TN Ensures Efficacy of Student Resources with New Funds

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March 19, 2021

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., March 18, 2021 -- Glimpse K12, the only education technology company that analyzes school spending in the context of student outcomes, announced today that Jackson County School System is implementing the Glimpse K12 platform to help monitor the effectiveness of resources and identify those that are providing the highest educational return.

Pre-COVID, hundreds of schools were already utilizing Glimpse K12’s Education Return on Investment platform. As we return to traditional instruction, schools are adopting additional resources to address the learning loss from COVID. Districts are implementing Glimpse K12 because of the enhanced focus on measuring the impact to understand what works the best without adding additional workload on staff that are already stretched thin.

Understanding the relationship between resource allocation and student outcomes is not only critical for school and district administrators to plan effectively but also a requirement for the new ESSER funds and other federal allocations.

“We are really excited about leveraging Glimpse K12 to help us manage this process in this critical time. We selected Glimpse’s technology and services because of their experience and ability to help save us hundreds of hours typically spent aggregating and analyzing data” said Kristy Brown, Director of Schools.

“Jackson County’s commitment to consuming and acting upon this data is critical to student success, especially based on the impact of recent instructional environment changes” said Glimpse CEO, Nicole Pezent. “We are so excited to partner with Jackson County and help them thrive in these challenging times.”

Glimpse K12 not only helps schools uncover ineffective spending, but also underutilized resources that would have a measurable impact on student achievement if they were used more widely. To learn more about Glimpse K12’s work in optimizing resources to improve student outcomes, visit http://glimpsek12.com.