Bleckley County Schools launches platform to prioritize spending around student outcomes

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June 9, 2021

Maximizing student outcomes is the ultimate goal of every school district. The Bleckley County School District not only believes in this goal but is putting in processes to ensure it delivers on this promise to students and families. “We constantly review our spending to ensure we remain good stewards of the taxpayer's money, and we feel Glimpse K12 will provide the data to inform spending decisions moving forward,” said Dr. Steve J. Smith, Superintendent.

Glimpse K12’s platform captures spending and strategically aligns expenditures with district defined goals and outcomes. Education Return on Investment (eROI) reports streamline administrators’ ability to assess the effectiveness of their spending at helping students achieve their goals. “Calculating actual eROI metrics will help us prioritize and optimize our time and resources to maximize student achievement” continues Dr. Smith.

School districts around the country are developing plans to help students recover from the disruptions of the past year. These plans must be funded, making it imperative that administrators know what’s working and what is not.

Nicole Pezent, CEO of Glimpse K12 said “Our goal is to help district leaders like Dr. Smith make data driven decisions as it relates to resource allocation. Our team supports administrators in time consuming and cumbersome data analysis so they can spend more time strategically planning and monitoring impact.”

With the increased focus on tracking and managing educational funding across the state and nation, school districts are looking to Glimpse to help manage the return on investment process.

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