Manage tasks, streamline communication, and capture accountability

    Seamlessly in one location


    Strategy+ Task Assignment + Accountability + Communication in one fully integrated platform


    Quorum's productivity platform handles employee workflow end to end. Whether you are communicating strategic directives to employees, documenting and assigning tasks, or capturing employee accountability, Quorum increases your school or district's Education Return on Investment (eROI) through increased employee productivity and effectiveness.

  • Education is a people business

    Return on investment starts and ends with people. It's the people that drive teaching, learning, and the success of the curriculum. Unfortunately, people are hard to manage. Therefore, it is essential you have the proper tools in place to maximize the impact of your largest resource.


    C.A.S.E. Education Management Framework

    Built around the Communication, Accountability, Strategy, Execution (CASE) framework, Quorum increases the effectiveness of all leaders throughout the district. The CASE framework ensures everyone is focused on the same strategic priorities by using clear and consistent communication, documented accountability, and strategic execution.

  • Primary causes of low eROI

    Low Education Return on Investment (eROI) has four primary root causes

    Clear Communication

    Consistent messaging throughout the organization is difficult to ensure top to bottom

    Strategy & Task Management

    Most tasks are disseminated through meetings or email and are easily forgotten (or ignored)


    No formal system to capture acknowledgment and accountability for goals, expectations, and directives

    Execution & Follow Through

    The sheer number of meetings and action items makes tracking and managing tasks difficult

  • Increase Accountability

    Quorum's employee accountability module digitally captures and documents acknowledgment from all stakeholders. Digital confirmation and acknowledgement of key directives you with the documentation to increase employee accountability and compliance.


    Streamlined, Efficient, and Effective Communication

    Tired of showing up to meetings where everyone is unprepared and unfocused? Quorum's workflow management platform manages meetings from the agenda to action item, ensuring all meetings are both effective and efficient.


    Transparent Task Assignment

    Task management is difficult to track and manage from the district office down to the classroom. Quorum makes task assignment and management easy from one centralized administrative location.

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