• Price Transparency Saves You Money

    Glimpse IQ's price transparency database monitors incoming quotes & invoices, alerting you when you are overpaying for products and services

  • K12 pricing varies 473% for the exact same products and services

    Without transparency, you have no idea if you are the one overpaying

    Glimpse IQ eliminates price discrepancies for your school or district by monitoring the prices you pay for goods and services compared to what other schools and districts across the country are paying. IQ automatically alerts you when prices are out of alignment.







  • Don't have time to price check every quote & invoice?

    Why continue to pay more?

    Unfortunately, the sheer volume of purchases in any given year makes it near impossible to price check every purchase. Glimpse IQ automates this manual process to ensuring you are spending money wisely.



  • How It Works

    Glimpse IQ saves 100s of hours by automatically identifying when you are paying too much


    Invoice/Quote Capture

    IQ digitally captures all quotes and invoices from your vendors


    Automated Price Lookup

    IQ compares your quote/invoice to what others are paying for the same goods or services


    Right Information Right Time

    You receive both your invoice/quote and price comparison data identifying when you are paying too much

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