• ESSR's New Requirement: Learning Loss Measurement

    ESSR requires extensive Learning Loss tracking. The Learning Loss calculation requirements require you to capture expenditures, calculate, and document Learning Loss for all impacted students. ESSR Tracker makes meeting this requirement quick and easy.

  • Save time with automated capture & tracking

    Glimpse's ESSR tracking platform captures all ESSR expenditures requiring measurement. The platform automatically correlates the expenditures to the students serviced by the expenditure.

    Automated Learning Loss Calculations

    ESSR Tracker's learning loss reports automatically calculate and archive student Learning Loss. The tracker uses your goals and source of measurement to ensure your reporting is accurate and relevant to your district.

    Streamline documentation with Learning Loss Summary Report reports

    ESSR Tracker's learning loss summary reports make it easy for you to meet your reporting requirements. Each report captures the expenditure, students serviced and automatically calculates Learning Loss.

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