• Reduce Costs & Increase Revenue

    EdSpend is a no cost solution for school districts to eliminate overspending and increase revenues through fee collection

  • EdSpend Use Cases

    Save Money

    Price transparency saves on purchases

    EdSpend saves you money by automatically monitoring the prices you pay for goods and services, flagging out of market pricing.

    Save Time

    Digital quote/invoice streamlines operations

    EdSpend captures every incoming quote and invoice digitally for you. EdSpend validates pricing information and maintains a digital archive.

    Increase Revenue

    Capture administrative costs from vendors

    EdSpend captures administrative processing fees from vendors to generate increased revenue for your district.

  • Why do we have more price transparency for cars than we do for educational products?

    K12 pricing varies 500% for the same products and services

    EdSpend automatically eliminates price discrepancies throughout your district by monitoring what you pay for goods and services compared to other schools and districts across the country. EdSpend increases the purchasing power of every dollar in your budget.

    Financial operational efficiency starts with the quote

    When quotes enter a district via email, they are often received by only one individual, not price checked with other districts, and end up in a paper-based filing process. Likewise, invoices often lack proper documentation to execute payments resulting in AP personnel working harder to manage and process their workload.


    EdSpend streamlines financial operations by digitally capturing all quotes and invoices, flagging higher than market avg. pricing, and ensuring critical documentation is captured.

    Increase revenue through administrative fee collection

    EdSpend automatically captures an annual administrative processing fee from your vendors when they register to submit an invoice. This administrative fee is shared with your district to offset internal district costs. Typical revenue increase ranges from $12,000-$87,000 per year. 
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