• Successful Personalized Instruction Depends on Effective Intervention

    CatchUp increases the effectiveness of RTI/MTSS programs through streamlined communication and workflows, effective tracking, and ROI analysis of each intervention

  • Dr. Spencer, Putnam County Schools

    The key to any intervention process is effective management. It's difficult to effectively manage this process by hand and nearly impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions so you can optimize your intervention process over time. CatchUp solved all of these issues for us and evaluates the effectiveness of our interventions so our teams continuously get better.

  • CatchUp Intervention Tracking

    Improved Workflows

    Digitally capture & manage

    CatchUp captures all interventions across the school or district streamlining team workflow and reducing administrative overhead. Team members save hundreds of hours a year and improve their programs.

    Streamlined Communication

    Centralized Location for the team

    Centralized digital management improves the communication and workflow between all team members, allowing them to access updates in real time, accessible from anywhere.

    Intervention Effectiveness

    Intervention ROI Analysis

    CatchUp evaluates the effectiveness of interventions, illuminating Return on Investment (ROI) insights to intervention teams across the school or district so they can understand the effectiveness of interventions.

  • Keeping up with RTI/MTSS planning data is difficult and time consuming

    Dispersed Management Hinders Outcomes

    Managing RTI/MTSS data in dispersed locations and paper based filing systems limits a school or district's ability to easily make data-driven decisions.


    Digital management of the RTI/MTSS process lets you focus more on improving student outcomes and less on managing documentation. Digital storage also ensures RTI/MTSS plans are able to follow students longitudinally.

    Return on Intervention (ROI)

    Understanding the relationship between interventions and student outcomes is critical to the success of your RTI/MTSS program. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to manually calculate the ROI of interventions across the district.


    What would take the team hundreds of hours to calculate, CatchUp automatically calculates the ROI of all interventions and plans, empowering educators to continuously improve the selection of interventions.

    CatchUp generates, ROI analysis for team members highlighting exactly which interventions work best in any given situation.

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