• Quorum increases efficiency & accountability, one meeting at a time

    Workflow platform built on the Communication Accountability & Strategic Execution (CASE) Framework

  • Common challenges you know well


    Communicating goals and expectations all across the school ecosystem from the top to the bottom is challenging and ineffective.


    Administrative communication is typically sent via verbal communication or email. Neither method captures accountability and acknowledgement.

    Strategic Execution

    Strategic execution is critical for student achievement. Communication + Accountability ensures everyone is rowing in the same direction.


    Documenting everything from goals and expectations to compliance is time consuming and costly.

  • CASE Framework

    Built around the Communication Accountability & Strategic Execution (CASE) framework, Quorum increases the effectiveness of all leaders throughout the district. The CASE framework ensures everyone is focused on the same strategic priorities by using clear and consistent communication, documented accountability, and strategic execution.

  • Our Solutions

    Quorum solves problems from the board level to the classroom level

    Superintendents & CFOs

    Superintendents & CFOs are tasked with setting policy and strategy across the district. CASE ensures their message is consistent and accurate.

    District Cabinet Members

    Cabinet members are tasked with carrying & managing policy and strategy to their constituents. CASE framework empowers them with effective communication.


    From data meetings, compliance documentation and setting goals and expectations, Quorum delivers and documents all faculty interactions.

    School Boards

    Quorum simplifies the coordination of drafting board agendas, approvals, voting, and meeting minutes.

  • Benefits of Quorum

    Improving Managerial Effectiveness & Leadership One Meeting at a Time

  • Streamlined, Efficient, and Effective Communication

    Tired of showing up to meetings where everyone is unprepared and unfocused? Quorum's workflow management platform manages meetings from agenda to action item, ensuring all meetings are both effective and efficient.

    Increase Accountability with CASE

    Quorum's CASE feature digitally captures acknowledgment from all meeting participants. Participants confirm understanding of key agenda items providing you with the documentation to increase employee accountability and compliance

    Policy/Compliance Documentation & Attendance Sign Ins

    Capturing policy and documentation training or compliance acknowledgement is traditionally a manual and painful process. Quorum's CASE framework digitally captures sign ins and delivery receipt of everything from policy guidelines to strategic goals and expectation.

  • Workflow Management Increases the Effectiveness of Every Meeting

    Communicate Goals, Expectations, and Policies

    Goals, expectations, and policies are typically communicated via email or announced in meetings. Unfortunately, there is no method to capture accountability and acknowledgment and understanding. Quorum's CASE framework digitally captures acknowledgement and accountability from all stakeholders ensuring everyone understands all goals, expectations, and policies.

    Role Based Management

    From board meeting management to school level data meetings, Quorum's role based solution handles it all. Roles govern who can create meetings, manage agendas, publish meetings externally, and take meeting minutes.

    Agenda visibility and approval process

    Quorum's workflow management streamlines the cumbersome task of gathering agenda items from stakeholders, obtaining approval for these items, and automatically updating all attendees in real time.

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