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    Education Return on Investment (eROI)

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  • Education Return on Investment

    The primary responsibility of every district and school administrator is to ensure that the right investments are being made into the classroom.


    Unfortunately, most administrators aren’t armed with the right information to adequately track and manage all the investments made throughout the district.


    Without utilizing Education Return on Investment (eROI) data during the strategic planning and budgeting processes, it is impossible for you to effectively maximize the impact of every educational dollar spent in the classroom.


  • Glimpse's AIM manages your eROI

    The AIM platform manages your education return on investment process 'end to end' in one location

    Strategic Alignment

    AIM captures all activities implemented across your district into a curriculum map, aligning each product, resource, and strategy with goals and objectives

    Student Level Correlation

    AIM correlates each of these activities down to the student level ensuring that each component of the curriculum is evaluated based on the students serviced

    ROI Analysis

    AIM's correlation engine incorporates cost, educational goals and objectives, and student outcomes to deliver eROI analysis to guide strategic decisions

  • How eROI Works

    The average administrator is tasked with maximizing student achievement with a limited budget but isn’t armed with the foundational tools to do so. You can’t effectively manage ROI if you can’t answer the following three things before allocating your financial resources:


    What all are we doing to impact students?


    Who exactly is supposed to benefit?


    Are these activities meeting our goals?

  • Education Return on Investment Insights

    AIM's eROI insight manager answers foundational questions critical for the success of effective administrators


    Curriculum Map:

    What all did we do?


    For the first time in one single location, you'll have everything your district is doing to impact student achievement. All strategies, resources, products and tools, and staff are correlated with the students they serve.


    Strategic Alignment:

    What do we expect to gain?


    Each component of the curriculum map is aligned and organized into impact areas. Objectives, goals and costs, are tied to the appropriate forms of measurement. This provides the foundation for you to efficiently manage your eROI from year to year.


    Distribution & Effect Size:

    Did we accomplish our goals?


    AIM evaluates all activities in the context of the appropriate goals and objectives and delivers a summary report to you highlighting critical strategic information:


    • How many students responded?
    How many did not? Where are they located?

    To what degree did these activities work or fail?

    ROI Insights:

    Can we optimize our budget to improve student outcomes?


    AIM's ROI module adds a new dimension to student outcome analysis. Leveraging your goals, objectives, student outcomes, and financial costs, AIM delivers key insights into the effectiveness of your budget. AIM's ROI insights pinpoint exactly where your spending is ineffective, empowering you to optimize your budget around what's working and eliminate activities that are not accomplishing your goals.

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